Pre-Show Publicity and Promotion

Create a news release for your newsletter, for the trade media, for the show guide, for the show attendee email list and direct mail lists. Registered attendee lists are usually available from the show management company. Attendees will plan their booth visits based on the information about the show. Make sure you are at the top of their must-visit list. Your pre-show release should indicate where you are located on the show floor.

Send invitations to targeted individuals to visit your trade show space. Be sure to include your booth number and a floor map if available. This list may be a combination of your customer list and the names available from the show management attendee list.

Oasis Tradeshow

Create and publicize an incentive for attendees to come to your booth to sign up to win a trip tied to the theme of the show and/or your display theme.

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Tradeshow Marketing Design

Pre-show promotion can boost your visitor count. Take advantage of the Show Producer’s promo mail pieces to promote your participation in the show. You can also combine your customer mail list with the show mail list to send an E-newsletter. These are useful media to promote an incentive such as an hourly drawing. Be sure to include your booth location.

Custom Game for Trade Show Marketing Eyekon Group

Create a custom game tied to your product. This example is a life-size Plinko game with the sponsor’s sport fishing channel theme. This type of incentive increases your opportunity to create buzz and constant traffic to your booth.

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