OutRigger Portable Shelf Display

Warranty: Lifetime Frame

EyeKon Group produces a shelf system that is both portable and functional. When you need a deeper, wider and stronger shelf to present your products, our Forum OutRigger system becomes a part to your display or can become the main component of your display to support graphics as well as your product. Video Monitors and light box graphics can be integrated into your custom shelf display. Because it is one of our component building systems, it doesn’t come with the custom price. Standard widths range from 16″, 27″, 37″, 42″, 55″ and 110 inch. with shelf depth starting at 18″ deep at the lower shelf. Price includes graphics and lights unless noted. Cases and podiums are priced separately. Cases would add approximately $600 to $1,200 to prices including cases that convert to podiums with graphics.
Shown here are some examples of OutRigger Shelf designs for typical 10ft , 20ft displays and beyond. We can produce components to fit nearly any size. If not shown below, request a quote for a display to fit your special needs.

10ft Sandi style: $3,948

10ft JWine style: $3,355
Note: this style doesn’t include a backlit branding header.

10ft Orchard Style: $4,064

10ft YellOrchard Style: $4,839

10ft AmberOrchard Style: $3,329

10ft Kiko style: $3,644

food shelf display for commercial event

10ft Frozen style: $4,788

20ft style MaxCole: $6,073
Note: this style doesn’t include a backlit branding header.
OutRigger Counters: $950 ea.

20ft BlackSilver Style: $6,232

20ft GoldOrchard Style: $5,887

20ft DoleStyle: $7,473

OutRigger Video Monitor Displays

10ft CIM style Video Monitor Display $4,149
Monitor up to 65″. Indicate your monitor
Dimensions when ordering. Shipping cases not included.

10ft Amber Orchard Style Monitor Display: $3,679
Monitor up to $65″ . Indicate your monitor Dimensions
when ordering. Shipping cases not included.

BackLight Option Adds
Punch to Your Promotion

Option A: Back Lit Option – 20ft Decleor Backwall. 2 OutRigger displays: $7,067
Option B: (Front Lit Option -20 ft Decleor backwall with 2 OutRigger displays: $5,271)
Storage counters and ship cases not included in above prices.

Option a: 20ft CorCoran front lit panels & spotlights – $6,273
Option b: 20ft CorCoran Back lit back panels – $8,160
Above options have front Wave shelf merchandisers
but no outrigger shelf displays on backwall.
Combined with our OutRigger Shelf display, our backlit backwall option attracts attention to your space. Bright, backlit graphics or photographic images positioned behind your shelves add highlights to the products being displayed on the OutRigger shelves.

Option A: Back lit Option – 10ft SL Backlit wall: $3,987
42″ OutRigger shelves, 40″ Storage Counter.
Option B: (Front Lit Option – 10ft Sl Frontlit wall: $3,130)
Storage counter, Lights & graphics included.
Ship cases not included.

Option c: 20ft CorCoran Front lit, 2 Outriggers on backwall -$8,487
Option d: 20ft CorCoran Back lit, 2 OutRiggers on backwall – $10,410
Above options have front wave shelf merchandiser and 2
OutRigger shelf displays on backwall.

Use OutRigger Shelf Displays to Create A
Custom Look and Meet Your Special Needs.

Send us your special needs for a quote.

Options to Add
Function to Form

The Standroid system allows you to install a monitor at three Heights of 67″, 76″, or 87″, horizontally or vertical screen. Add the Standroid to nearly any display to support up to a 46″ Monitor or TV. The Standroid can also support an Over-Header Banner for extra branding reinforcement, or, the stand can be used without the Over-Header. Use the video stand to bring life and add max attention to your display.

Standroid with Options
(Includes CA-900 case)
Standroid Basic Stand,design # BRSS-CA900-Kit: $916
(Includes CA-900 case)
Over-Header Frame, design #SHO-H: $124
Header Graphic Print, design #SHO-G: $363
Stand base graphic wrap, design #SBW-G: $223
Spotlight SET OF 2 LEDS, design #L4000C: $149

Standroid Video TV Monitor Stand

The Standroid can be placed on the outside of the display
as shown here with case pedestal, or behind the backwall display graphic
face as show in other examples shown in this display section..

Stand without
over-header frame

stand frame
with over-header

Stand with header
& over-header graphic

Shipping case options:

Hard shipping cases are a great investment when shipping common carrier, and ahead of your event. You also have the option of choosing a case that converts to a podium or counter, thus serving double duty as it becomes a design element for your display.

Hard case/podium
CA600: $275
Graphic for CA600: $247
39″h X 39″w X19″d setup
Shipping size: 40.5X20X19″

Hard nesting case
CA2500: $595

Hard case/podium
CA900: $264
Graphic for CA900: $198
38″h X 27″w X 16″d

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