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Fabric Pop Montage

The Fabric Montage Pop-up, is the most versatile portable pop-up because you can change graphic sections of the overall display message without changing the complete graphic face. You can change sections of the display to fit each, different event venue or theme. You can redesign and update the display at minimal cost, giving the display complete or partial new look to fit any presentation occasion. With a custom modification, you can even break down the frame to provide multiple locations throughout the event.

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Warranty: Five Years On Hardware

Eyekon Groups custom trade show display - pop up
Fabric Montage image of BacardiFabric Montage Image of Bacardi 2
Montage Pop Up Display
Square Energy Fabric Montage Display
Fabric Pop Montage Barcelona
Fabric Pop Montage Climax
Sp Tennis Display

MCB – 342018 $1,585

More Ideas Gourmet Display

MCB – 342018 $1,585

More Ideas CGGVeritas Display

MCB – 342006 $1,258

MOR – 3×3 K03 $1,140

More Ideas Runa Display

MOR – 2×3 K2 $989

More Ideas Simplicity Display

MCB – 342010 $580

More Ideas Card Display

MOR – 2×2 K04-5G $663

More Ideas Guardian Display

MOR – 2×3 K01 $1,104

Change your Market,
change your mind,
change your message.
Using one frame,
change your graphics
on the fly!

Montage makes graphic design easy. First select your main image/message and your supporting images.
Copy our line frame drawings to sketch in your image notes. Send you graphic files to us for printing and frame
production. Or, discuss your message with an Eyekon associate for design assistance. You can rearrange the
images as your message and event dictates.
More Ideas One 3x4 Frame

4×3 FRAME (10 ft w)
MCB – 342000 $1,585

More Ideas 3x3 Frame

3×3 FRAME (8ft wide)
MCB – 342006 $1,258

Contact Eyekon

More Ideas 3x2 Frame

2×3 FRAME (5.3ft wide)

More Ideas 1x3 Frame

1×3 FRAME (30″ wide)
MCB – 342010 $580

More Ideas One 2x2 Frame

2×2 FRAME table top (5ft)


* Note: frame width indicated for floorspace layout and frame may vary with configuration


When designing your Montage graphics consider the background and foreground images to block out distractions behind your display. Background panel, with or without an image provides a 3-D effect.

Prices shown include frame, graphics, and transport bag. See below for spotlights, pedestal cases and video monitor stands. Custom components quoted separately. Note: Montage frame parts may vary with configuration design chosen.
More Idea One Basketball Display

MOR – 4×3 K05 $1,924


More Ideas Highlight the Fight Display

MOR – 4×3 K06 $1,779


More Ideas Recon Robotics

MCB – 342006 $1,258


More Ideas One Softrek Display

MOR – 3×3 K06 $1,114


More Ideas CND Display

MOR – 2×3 K01 $989

More Ideas Jolly Rogers 1


More Ideas Jolly Rogers 2


More Ideas Pellegrico Display

MOR – 2×2 K04 $580 + SHELVES


More Ideas NC NASA Display

MOR – 2×3 K01 $1,104

More Ideas Two Energy Drink Display

MOR – 3×3 K03 $1,140

More Ideas Two Modinci Display

MOR – 3QP-K2 $627

More Ideas Two Jazio Display

MOR – 3QP-K2 $914

More Ideas Two Penguin Paradise Display


$1,445 + CUSTOM BASE

More Ideas Two Airplane Display

MOR – 10QP-K2 $2,055

More Ideas Two Giant Impression

Graphics can be simple AND creative with the Montage.




More Ideas Two 2 Quad Pyramid

3-Quad Pyramid (7.5 ft wide)

More Ideas Two 5 Quad Pyramid

5-Quad “X” (7.5 ft wide)

More Ideas Two 6 Quad Pyramid

6-Quad Pyramid (11 ft wide)

More Ideas Two 8 Quad X

8-Quad “X” (11 ft wide)
MCB – 342020 $1,210


More Ideas Two 10 Quad Pyramid

10-Quad Pyramid (15 ft wide)



Make a Giant Impression with our custom (10 ft wide  X 10 ft high) Montage.


More Ideas Two Boutique Display

MOR – 3×3 K04 $1,445

More Ideas Two Car Display

MOR – 3QP-K1 $493

More Ideas Two Xinon Display


More Ideas Two Fall of Empire Display

MOR – 6QP-K2 $937

More Ideas Two Climax Display

$1,445 + CUSTOM BASE

More Ideas Two Nevada State Display


MOR – 4×4 $3,830

Parts for replacements & Graphic Updates

Montage Frame size
1×2 (30”w x 60”h)     MT-12 $275
1×3 (30”w x 90”h)     MT-13 $325
1×4 (30”w x 120”h)   MT-14 $495
2×2 (60”w x 60”h)     MT-22 $360
2×3 (60”w x 90”h)     MT-23 $525
2×4 (60”w x 120”h)   MT-24 $695
3×2 (90”w x 60”h)     MT-32 $525
3×3 (90”w x 90”h)     MT-33 $715
3×4 (90”w x 120”h)   MT-34 $960
4×3 (120”w x 90”h)   MT-43 $960
4×4 (120”w x120”h)  MT-44 $1,080

3 Quad Pyramid         MT-Q3 $350
10 Quad Pyramid       MT-Q10 $1,170
5 Quad X                     MT-Q5 $585
6 Quad Pyramid         MT-Q6 $690
8 Quad X                     MT-Q8 $1,070

Full-Color Fabric Graphic:
1×1 MT-G1 $145
1×2 MT-G2 $280
1×3 MT-G3 $385
1×4 MT-G4 $525
2×2 Diamond MT-G5 $345
2×2 MT-G6 $525
2×3 MT-G7 $700
2×4 MT-G8 $900

Options to upgrade

Medium Hard Case Podium $225
design code: PU-POD
The Hard molded Carry provides extra protection for your display and extra room for accessories and literature; includes wheels and a handle for easy transport. Outside 28″W x 39″H x 15.5″D; inside 31.75hX25″wX14.25″d. Optional Graphic Wrap available.

Fabric Graphic Wrap & Case Podium $375
design code: PU-POD-GOFAB
(additional case graphic wrap $150)
The full color Medium Hard Case fabric graphic adds
interest and reinforces your backwall message.

FabPop LED Light $95 ea.
design code: RPL-LEDBLK
black arm light; 9ft cord

Genie Work Counter Case
design code: GCC
Price: $495
40X26X16 OD closed

Work Genie backside view
Open clamshell w/ shelves

Work Genie Front view
design code: GCCLAM
Price: $685
Includes, Hard, case, double-wide counter top, 2 shelves, full color laminated graphic Set-up dimensions 56X23X40″ hi,

OutRigger Merchant Shelf
(shown under video monitor.
Monitor stand not included))
Code: ORFM-Shelf 36
Price: $775
36″W X 23″D X 34″H

Application of two Genie Counter
Cases under monitors

Single Pole Expand Monitor Stand
Code: Monitor Stand 105-175-GRY-E
Price: $895

Double pole 78″ hi Monitor Stand
VB-MK-01, up to 42″ Max Monitor $1,369
Double pole 73″ hi Monitor stand
SPLIT-MM-KIT , up to 70″ monitor $1968
Optional Graphic to cover double pole
monitor stands, add $175

Application of double pole monitor stand with
graphic double pole cover and Genie work
counter with graphic front cover.

Application of double pole monitor cover
designed to blend with background display

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