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Fabric Pop Montage

Warranty: Five Years On Hardware

The Fabric Montage Pop-up, is the most versatile portable pop-up because you can change graphic sections of the overall display message without changing the complete graphic face. You can change sections of the display to fit each, different event venue or theme. You can redesign and update the display at minimal cost, giving the display complete or partial new look to fit any presentation occasion. With a custom modification, you can even break down the frame to provide multiple locations throughout the event.

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Eyekon Groups custom trade show display - pop up
Fabric Montage image of BacardiFabric Montage Image of Bacardi 2
Montage Pop Up Display

Montage Frame size
1×2 (30”w x 60”h)     MT-12 $275
1×3 (30”w x 90”h)     MT-13 $325
1×4 (30”w x 120”h)   MT-14 $495
2×2 (60”w x 60”h)     MT-22 $360
2×3 (60”w x 90”h)     MT-23 $525
2×4 (60”w x 120”h)   MT-24 $695
3×2 (90”w x 60”h)     MT-32 $525
3×3 (90”w x 90”h)     MT-33 $715
3×4 (90”w x 120”h)   MT-34 $960
4×3 (120”w x 90”h)   MT-43 $960
4×4 (120”w x120”h)  MT-44 $1,080

3 Quad Pyramid         MT-Q3 $350
10 Quad Pyramid       MT-Q10 $1,170
5 Quad X                     MT-Q5 $585
6 Quad Pyramid         MT-Q6 $690
8 Quad X                     MT-Q8 $1,070

Montage LED Light
#LEDPU $135
Bright 450 Lumens; 10.5″ wide
6 watt, swivel head

Square Energy Fabric Montage Display Fabric Pop Montage BarcelonaFabric Pop Montage Climax
Montage makes graphic design easy. First select your main image/message and your supporting images.
Copy our line frame drawings to sketch in your image notes. Send you graphic files to us for printing and frame
production. Or, discuss your message with an Eyekon associate for design assistance. You can rearrange the
images as your message and event dictates.

Full-Color Fabric Graphic:
1×1 MT-G1 $145
1×2 MT-G2 $280
1×3 MT-G3 $385
1×4 MT-G4 $525
2×2 Diamond MT-G5 $345
2×2 MT-G6 $525
2×3 MT-G7 $700
2×4 MT-G8 $900

Accessories and Options:
Wheeled tote w/ retractable handles
RMGF-1236 12×36 $150
Shipping Tube w/ wheels
RMG-1438 14×38 $150
MT-SHF $65 
Frame Collage Pop Up

LED Montage LightLED PU Light
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