HighLIGHT your Display
With Backlit Graphics!

Backlit Display Options

In the battle for attention, the brighter the better, which points to the value of lighting up your display; both external and internal, to help you get noticed. The need for spotlights for external lighting is obvious, but perhaps more subtle and most effective, internal lighting can create drama and atmosphere within your space. Internal lighting can add emphasis to your display and focus to your message by highlighting your graphic images as shown in the displays below. Your backlit display is also a medium to create a mood or an environment for your product. Internal lighting creates drama, excitement and interest.

10ft FabPop
Straight $2,198


10ft FabPop
Curve $2,548


20ft FabPop
Curve $6,497


5ft Wavelight Straight Wall
Backlit Display:


10ft Wavelight Straight Wall
Backlit Display:


LED Ladder lights make thin backlight displays more functional and less fragile. LED Lights provide more design flexibility for our thin-profile WaveLine fabric frames, our FabPop pop-up, our Market Express and our OutRigger Shelf Displays.

Backlit WaveLight® Straight TubeFrame Display
Price includes frame, LED lights, 400W power supply,
1-side graphic, CA900 podium case.



SizeItem Code Description Price
3ftX8ft WLT-KG-13FR-01 WaveLight® Display $917
5ftX8ft WLT-KG-23FR-01 WaveLight® Display $1,160
8ftX8ft WLT-KG-33FR-01 WaveLight® Display $1,603
10ftX8ft WLT-KG-43FR-01 WaveLight® Display $1,962



Extras & Options::


Spare Ladder Light :  WLT-P-Light & Power supply $195
Extra CA900 Case $264
CA900 Graphic Wrap $198

For all the impact, our back-lit displays remain very portable and easy to set up. A BrightLight Backlit can stand alone as your complete display or a Backlit section can be incorporated into your display to draw attention to a single aspect or the most important feature of your product or service. A Backlit Display is a great budget option for events because of its high impact value and low cost.

Backlit FabPop Straight Wall Pop-Up Displays
Price includes lights, Straight Wall, graphics & soft tote.


SizeItem Code Description Price
2.5ftX90in WS-FPLUM-2.5ft FabPop BrightLight $998
5ftX90in WS-FPLUM-5ft FabPop BrightLight $1,378
8ftX90in WS-FPLUM-8ft FabPop BrightLight $1,740
10ftX90in WS-FPLUM-10ft FabPop BrightLight $2,198
10ftX10ft WS-FPLUM-10.10ft FabPop BrightLight $2,655
115ftx15ft and larger:Request Custom Quote


Backlit FabPop Curve Wall Pop-Up Displays
Price includes lights, Curve Wall, graphics & Hard case.
10ftX90in ORHU-10BL FabPop BrightCurv 2 case $2,948
20ftX90in ORHU-TWO-10BL FabPop BrightCurv 2 case $6,497

Waveline Backlit Tension Frame Display

With internal lighting, the 2 inch incredibly thin profile of the Waveline makes the WaveLine a compact medium for your message and the frame blends easily with other structures or works as a bright standalone display.

OutRigger Shelf Display system

The OutRigger shelf accessory is added to the Wavelight display frame to provide a dramatic and exciting backdrop for your products, while adding emphasis to your sales message. The OutRigger provides a shelf system that blends your product esthetically with your Backlit graphics. Visit the OutRigger Display section of this website or request a quote.

FabPop Backlit Display series

Adding backlighting to our FabPop adds pop to your Pop-Up Display. The added depth of the FabPop display becomes even more dimensional with the addition of internal lighting.

Merchant Express

The Market Express is a lightweight, heavy duty merchandising frame that accepts internal lighting along with merchandising accessories like garment hangers, hooks and shelving. The backlight enhances your graphic message and adds excitement and interest to your presentation. The Market Express is like a retail environment, but much more portable. Visit the Market Express Section of this website or request a quote.

Tension Tube Options,
Add Function to Form

Waterfall Shelf Stand-Off
Tension Tube Shelf Option

Add the Shelf Waterfall stand-off to any straight display panel to add dimension and functionality. Holds up to 3 helves. Supports up to 9 lbs per shelf. Frame 28″ w X 89″ h. Choose full or partial graphics frame cover. Not freestanding; needs back display. Frame & Graphics
Design #: WFA-2889 Waterfall: $619
Plexi Shelf, 27.5 w x 12″d: # WFPS: $91 ea.

Waterfall with half graphic

Waterfall with No graphic
(to Expose the backwall Display graphic)

Waterfall with Full graphic

Merchandiser Rack Display

Add shelves, clothes or product hang bar, or IPad stand. The Merchandiser display can stand alone or be used against an existing display. The display is available 36″ w X 89″ hi or 36″ w X 116″ hi. Holds up to 3 shelves or two hang bars or a combination of hang bars and shelves. 20lbs max per shelf. Includes double sided graphic, frame & black or white base.

LED SPOT $91 ea.

Display Rack 89″ h, black base, Design #: WBS36089MS-B: $395
Display Rack 89″ h, white base, Design #: WBS36089MS-W: $395
Display Rack 116″ h, black base, Design #: WBS36116MS-B: $450
Display Rack 116″ h, white base, Design #: WBS3116MS-W: $450
Display Item Clear 37 X 12″ plexi shelf, Design #: WBWLM-94: $115 ea.
Display Item black 37 X 12″ plexi shelf, Design #: WBWLM-94: $85 ea.
Display Item Hang bar #: WLM-88: $37 ea.
Display Item IPad stand, Design #: WLM-92: $20 ea.
Arm spotlight: Design #: L4000C $91 ea

Merchandiser Frame
With black base and
background graphic

Merchandiser with garment
Hang bar and spotlight

Merchandiser with
Shelves and spotlight

Standroid Video TV Monitor Stand

The Standroid system allows you to install a monitor at three Heights of 67″, 76″, or 87″, horizontally or vertical screen. Add the Standroid to nearly any display to support up to a 46″ Monitor or TV. The Standroid can also support an Over-Header Banner for extra branding reinforcement, or, the stand can be used without the Over-Header. Use the video stand to bring life and add max attention to your display.

Standroid with Options
(Includes CA-900 case)
Standroid Basic Stand,design # BRSS-CA900-Kit: $916
(Includes CA-900 case)
Over-Header Frame, design #SHO-H: $124
Header Graphic Print, design #SHO-G: $363
Stand base graphic wrap, design #SBW-G: $223
Spotlight SET OF 2 LEDS, design #L4000C: $149

The Standroid can be placed on the outside of the display
as shown here with case pedestal, or behind the backwall display graphic
face as show in other examples shown in this display section..

Stand without
over-header frame

stand frame
with over-header

Stand with header
& over-header graphic

Shipping case options:

Hard shipping cases are a great investment when shipping common carrier, and ahead of your event. You also have the option of choosing a case that converts to a podium or counter, thus serving double duty as it becomes a design element for your display.

Hard case/podium
CA600: $275
Graphic for CA600: $247
39″h X 39″w X19″d setup
Shipping size: 40.5X20X19″

Hard nesting case
CA2500: $595

Hard case/podium
CA900: $264
Graphic for CA900: $198
38″h X 27″w X 16″d

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