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Indoor or Outdoor, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive PromoDome Kiosk  Designed to be portable, yet functional for experiential events, for sampling, gathering leads or selling.

Consider our various branding options. EyeKon Group produces the Promo Dome in two standard sizes – Major 9ft wide and Minor 7ft wide


PromoDome Kiosk

Warranty: Lifetime Frame

outside dome kiosk promotional event

kiosk dome marketing event outsidexfinity dome kiosk promotional event

outside inside kiosk dome marketing evenmarketing event dome kiosk comcast

CocaCola Kiosk Dome Promotional eventKia Kiosk Dome promotional event

mdm-90domekioskdrwgpromotional dome kiosk dimension plan

LDM-65 Minor PromoDome, Hexag 6.5ftX96" Frame, graphics, 5 top, 3 under shelves case$4,960
MDM-90Major PromoDome, Octag 9ft wX96"h Frame, graphics, 7 top, 3 under shelves, case$5,450
MDM-65Extra under shelves$85.00 ea
MDM-90Extra under shelves$95.00 ea
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