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The Less-Is-More Display option
Less-Is-More means maximum graphic message area using minimal support hardware, minimal shipping weight, minimal setup time, less cost.The Banner Stand is the ultimate in portability, simplicity and fast setup. Your graphic panel travels inside the base; rolled up and ready to extend up into a graphic message panel. Just place the base on the floor or table and pull the graphic from inside the base. Hang your graphic on the support pole and you’re done. You can use a single banner stand or position two or more banners side-by-side to form an On-The-Go backwall solution.

The Cascade 99 Incher
Shown here is our Cascade retractable banner stand that extends up to a 99″ high graphic panel.

Use a single Banner Stand as a spot graphic to promote product features or combine two or more banner stands for an On-The-Go display background.

24 X 99″

36 X 99″

48 X 99″

60 X 99″
99″ Tall Cascade Retractable Banner Stand
Display Stand & Full Color Graphic Print Size/Color Code# Price
24″ silver RBSC24G96V $218
36″ silver RBSC36G96V $290
48″ silver RBSC48G96V $380
60″ silver RBSC60G96V $476
60″X60″ Table Top Display
RBSC60G60VTT $382
Silver Clamp LED flood light. Cord: 8.6ft: $91 ea.
Magnetic side-By-Side connector: $15 ea.
Padded Transport Case: $66

60X60″ Table Top Display

92″ Tall SilverStep Retractable Banner Stand

Adjustable 68″ to 92″ high

SilverStep SS
The SilverStep falls between the applications of a standard Retractable Banner Stand and a retractable Banner Wall as it is adjustable up to nearly a standard 92″ high exhibit wall, and is a great example of the “More Is Less” display concept. With 4 widths available, (24″, 36″, 48″ 60″) and a telescopic pole for 68″ up to 92″, the Silverstep offers a wide range of dimensions. Graphics are changeable using the hook and loop attachment on the canvas leader panel (with a 6″ bleed). Deluxe travel bag included.

Retractable Trade Show Stand

Trade Show Banner Stand Connector


Eyekon new connector

SilverStep Connector

The SilverStep Connector features magnetic end caps that allow you to “link” multiple stands to create a large backdrop display. Available in the standard 24″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ widths, and up to 92″ high, you can mix and match sizes to accommodate almost any trade show booth size. Graphic change out is possible and enables you to have a fresh look at each event.


Display Stand & Full Color Graphic Print

Size/Color CodCode# 1-23 24-99 100+
24″ silver SS2492SLV $202.00 $162.00 $128.00
36″ silver SS3692SLV $268.00 $195.00 $151.00
48″ silver SS4892SLV $334.00 $250.00 $218.00
60″ silver SS6092SLV $426.00 $319.00 $282.00
60″ Table-Top SS60CB59FABG $342.00 $304.00 $280.00

Silver Clamp LED flood light. Cord: 8.6ft: $91 ea.
Magnetic side-By-Side connector: $15 ea.

SilverStep Banner Stand Base

The SilverStep base blends with any décor or theme.

Silver Step BagSilverStep Light

ECONOROLL 82″ Tall Economy Banner stand

The Econoroll packs great value into an easy to use, durable and attractive stand. 82″ high Display. Silver base. Nylon transport bag included.

Size Code# 1-2 3-23 24-99 100+
24″ #ER24 $110.00 $86.00 $76.00 $66.00
31.5″ #ER31.5 $120.00 $99.00 $92.00 $84.00
33.5″ #ER33.5 $125.00 $106.00 $96.00 $90.00
36″ #ER36 $133.00 $116.00 $106.00 $92.00

Econoroll Nylon Bag

Nylon carry bag included

Econoroll Black Connector

Econoroll Silver Connector

Eyekon new connector


Double Sided Banner Stand

The Doublestep is a double-sided retractable banner stand that comes in both 24″ and 36″ widths and displays two banners back-to-back. It is a good blend of design appeal and value. It is also easily portable in its foam-padded carry bag (included).

Double Step Trade Show Display Stand

Trade Show Display Stand Travel Bag




SilverStep Light

DoubleStep with graphic print
24:X74″ # DS24X74FABG $270
36X74″ # DS36X74FABG $358
Silver padded bag included
Graphic Material: Dye sub Fabric
(This cartridge only works with thin material

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