Planning Your Exhibit & Your Message

“The Value of an Idea is judged by how it is presented!

The Value of a company is judged by How It Presents Ideas.” H. Glenn Godfrey

The Medium is the Message

“The Medium is the Message” is a concept from Marshall McLuhan that describes the importance and interaction between the actual message and the platform (delivery vehicle) that delivers the message. In a trade show environment, the message or content is ultimately the most important element, but how the message is delivered determines how the message is perceived. Your message delivery vehicle will be the display structure. The vehicle should live up to the standards you set for your company. Another way of saying this is “dress to impress.”

You could have an impressive message but if it is delivered on a banner hanging over a pipe and drape rigging, it’s going to be perceived as a bad sign in every sense of the word. It is difficult for a company that exhibits in this manner to be taken seriously. So, because your message is embedded in its delivery system, it is not possible for the viewer of your message to ignore the delivery design element. Over the years we have operated under the precept that “The value of an idea is judged by how it is presented.” By extension, the value of your company is judged by how well it presents its message or how much value it places on its ideas. So, along with the design of your message, the design of your display conveys a message about your brand; your image.

Chicken or Egg – Which Comes First, Your Message or Your Exhibit Design?

The exhibit design should be based on your message and your message should be well coordinated with your exhibit design.  Your exhibit structure is the graphics pallet that supports your visual message. For maximum production efficiency and cost savings, the graphics should then be designed to fit the delivery structure (your exhibit). Trial layouts should be submitted by your designer to refine your message.

Your display space is an advertisement surrounded by many advertisements competing for your prospect’s attention, much like an advertisement in a publication or like a commercial embedded in a TV program or banner on a search engine page. You get no benefit by just showing up without getting noticed and remembered. At the Eyekon Group, we bring an ad agency perspective to your trade show or event planning and production. Each element of your display should convey your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) with minimum clutter and distraction and with maximum impact.

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Trade Show Planning

In planning your trade show message, you could get useful input by engaging various departments and staff members along with your sales staff.

Portable Pop-up Trade Show Display

In developing your message and graphics, consider the environment related to your service or produce. Such an environment will add impact to your message. This retail mall setting was created with portable pop-up displays.

Trade Show Environment

The Medium becomes the message when a trade show or event environment is conducive to your message.

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