GrandFab Modular
Tension Fabric Display

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

One solution for many event needs, the Expand GrandFabric display is a step up between the basic EZ Tube Tension Display and the custom modular building frame. The GrandFab expands and grows with your organization as your needs grow and change. The GrandFab is a portable and modular system that consists of free-standing tension fabric backwall frame panels, available in several different widths and two heights. The GrandFab has a more robust frame and offers more sizes and more acute curves than most tension tube frame systems to create eye catching, simple but sophisticated displays. Use the same panel frames to change and update your message for different events. Place different messages on the front and back for an instant change in direction as you target different event markets. You can update your display with economical new fabric graphics that simply slide over
the frame like a pillowcase. The individual backwalls (both straight and curved) are easy to connect and combine as you like.

Grow From Grand to Great! The GrandFab is available in curved and straight panels up to 11ft hi. Shown above – 6ft X 11ft : $2,359 with graphics and soft tote case. Monitor stand not included. See options below. For more tall panel displays, go to our FabPop Pop-Up portable display section.)


Custom counters and props shown in prices below not included in price listed.

Displays are available with or without video monitor stand, header frame shelf and other optional accessories.

Request quote based on floor footprint size and features.

Custom look created using standard floor and hanging GrandFab panels. Fabric graphics may be backlit for extra impact.

10ft to 20 ft “S” designs range from $1,100, single sided. Double sided adds 25%. 15ft GrandFab, double sided, shown above $5,900.

GrandFab panels offer greater curve depth than the our Budget variations. World Trade GrandFab 20X20ft design shown above $13,980.

Variations of this 20ft display start at $2,400. This configuration is formed by alternating convex and concave curve walls. Backlit Over-header and Custom counters and podiums quoted separately.

Add Storage & Accessories. The GrandFab system allows you to add storage space for many possibilities. The units that are used for building storage can be connected to all of the GrandFab walls; every shape and size, or panels may be used separately as stand-alone walls.

This gives you more configurations that you can use for future events. Then add the accessories of your choice – table, shelves, monitor holder, etc. 20ft GrandFab shown above $11,914. Add $700 side rail panel. Add $150 Monitor Mount. Add $2,150 shelf assembly. $14,914 as shown above.

Change your target market and your message by changing your graphics “skin”. Create a new display by combining and reconfiguring your frames.

Your display never gets outdated or obsolete. One frame system, many options.

All of the backwalls can be connected to one another with the different feet and connector options. Use the walls as stand-alone pieces or combine multiple backwall units to create a variety of different unique configurations.

This flexible system can easily be altered for each event – create the shape and size that best fits your needs each time.

For staging an event, the GrandFab can become a decorative divider or functional background element.

The GrandFab modular is as versatile as it is simple. In a space as small as 10ft, a room is created to store or hide equipment in plain sight by blending forward graphics panel with the backwall. $8,560 as shown with cases.

This example illustrates the flexibility of the system by using modular GrandFab panels to create a Grand Entrance. $24,800 as shown.

Easy to Set Up
Setup is simple with bungeed frames that snap together, so there is no guesswork. To assemble each backwall, simply click the 4 frame segments together and pull over your fabric graphic. Then combine the backwalls into whatever shape you’d like by adding feet and other connectors. Optional spotlights, brochure holders, tables, shelves and monitor holders are available.

Options to add function to form

For Double side graphics, add 50% to prize.

Medium Hard Case Podium $225
design code: PU-POD
The Hard molded Carry provides extra protection for your display and extra room for accessories and literature; includes wheels and a handle for easy transport. Outside 28″W x 39″H x 15.5″D; inside 31.75hX25″wX14.25″d. Optional Graphic Wrap available.

Fabric Graphic Wrap & Case Podium $375
design code: PU-POD-GOFAB
(additional case graphic wrap $150)
The full color Medium Hard Case fabric graphic adds
interest and reinforces your backwall message.

Light Option
EZ Tube LED Light
$95 (Black)

Expand PodiumCase

A shipping case that can be turned into a spacious presentation counter. To create the counter, just open the box and put on the wooden top. The counter provides a large surface to gather around at your event. Inside, there are detachable shelves to hold your brochures, demo products and anything else you would like to keep out of sight. Use the front of the counter for extra exposure

  • Equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Detachable shelves to hold literature or other items you would like to keep out of sight
  • The suitcase style makes it easier and safer to load than traditional ‘barrel’ style transport boxes.

In only a few minutes, you can convert one transport
case into a large presentation space.

Expand PodiumCase can both be used open as a counter and closed as a podium.
Expand PodiumCase – Open:
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Width: 48 13/16″ (124 cm)
Depth: 23 5/8″ (60 cm)
Expand PodiumCase – Closed:
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Width: 28 3/4″ (73 cm)
Depth: 17 11/16″ (45 cm)
Expand PodiumCase
Hardware Only

EPC PC3-GRY Expand PodiumCase $337
(empty – for Popup & banner displays)
Hardware & Print Image Size
KIT-PC3-ALU-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Aluminum Top, $891
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-OAK-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Oak Top, $846
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-BIR-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Birch Top, $846
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-BLA-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Black Top, $891
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
Accessories for Expand PodiumCase
A22 MonitorHolder – 75/100 VESA Max Weight: 15.4lbs $125
A36 EPC Tablet Holder $150
BR1 Expand BrochurePocket – 2 pack Fits Letter size $129.00
Header Kits (to create Kiosk)
KIT1 PA8 Kiosk hardware and Laminated Graphic w48 1/2″ x h20″ $333
KIT2 PA8 Kiosk Hardware and Fabric Graphic w48 1/2″ x h20″ $342
Expand Podium Case Display HolderExpand Podium Case with Display
Expand XL PodiumCase
A super spacious counter created from 2 transport cases.
This spacious counter is perfect for presentations, product demos or food and beverage sampling at events. It also works great as a portable bar.Expand Podium Case Folded and Unfolded


Hardware Only
KIT-PC3-DBL-BLA Expand PodiumCase $1,984
w/Double-Wide Black Top, Shelves, Skirting, and Mounting Kit

Graphic Only
GP PC-DBL-OPEN-S Graphic Wrap for Double-Wide Case $425
w129 15/16” x h33 7/16” Visible area on the front is w109 15/16” x h33 7/16”

Hardware & Print Image
KIT-PC3-DBL-BLA-GP Expand PodiumCase $2373
w/Double-Wide Black Top, Shelves, Skirting, and w129
15/16”x h33 7/16 Graphic Wrap.

Open Dimensions
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Depth: 41 3/4″ (106 cm)
Width: 85 13/16″ (218 cm)

OutRigger Merchant Shelf
(shown under video monitor.
Monitor stand not included))
Code: ORFM-Shelf 36
Price: $775
36″W X 23″D X 34″H

Application of two Genie Counter
Cases under monitors

Waterfall Shelf Stand-Off
Tension Tube Shelf Option

Add the Shelf Waterfall stand-off to any straight display panel to add dimension and functionality. Holds up to 3 helves. Supports up to 9 lbs per shelf. Frame 28″ w X 89″ h. Choose full or partial graphics frame cover. Not freestanding; needs back display. Frame & Graphics
Design #: WFA-2889 Waterfall: $619
Plexi Shelf, 27.5 w x 12″d: # WFPS: $91 ea.

Waterfall with half graphic

Waterfall with No graphic
(to Expose the backwall Display graphic)

Waterfall with Full graphic

Merchandiser Rack Display

Add shelves, clothes or product hang bar, or IPad stand. The Merchandiser display can stand alone or be used against an existing display. The display is available 36″ w X 89″ hi or 36″ w X 116″ hi. Holds up to 3 shelves or two hang bars or a combination of hang bars and shelves. 20lbs max per shelf. Includes double sided graphic, frame & black or white base.
Display Rack 89″ h, black base, Design #: WBS36089MS-B: $395
Display Rack 89″ h, white base, Design #: WBS36089MS-W: $395
Display Rack 116″ h, black base, Design #: WBS36116MS-B: $450
Display Rack 116″ h, white base, Design #: WBS3116MS-W: $450
Display Item Clear 37 X 12″ plexi shelf, Design #: WBWLM-94: $115 ea.
Display Item black 37 X 12″ plexi shelf, Design #: WBWLM-94: $85 ea.
Display Item Hang bar #: WLM-88: $37 ea.
Display Item IPad stand, Design #: WLM-92: $20 ea.
Arm spotlight: Design #: L4000C set of 2 : $148 set

Merchandiser Frame
With black base and
background graphic

Merchandiser with garment
Hang bar and spotlight

Merchandiser with
Shelves and spotlight

Standroid Video TV Monitor Stand

The Standroid system allows you to install a monitor at three Heights of 67″, 76″, or 87″, horizontally or vertical screen. Add the Standroid to nearly any display to support up to a 46″ Monitor or TV. The Standroid can also support an Over-Header Banner for extra branding reinforcement, or, the stand can be used without the Over-Header. Use the video stand to bring life and add max attention to your display.

Standroid Basic Stand:
design # BRSS-CA900-Kit: $916
Includes Monitor support frame, wood
base, CA-900 Podium -Ship Case

Add-Ons & Replacements
Stand Header Frame, design #SHO-H: $124
Stand Header Graphic Print, design #SHO-G: $363
Stand base graphic Print, design #SBW-G: $223
Podium Case Graphic Wrap, design # CA900-G: $198
Spotlight SET OF 2 LEDS, design #L4000C: $149
Podium Ship Case, 17X28X39, #CA900: $264

The Standroid can be placed on the outside of the display
as shown here with case pedestal, or behind the backwall display graphic
face as show in other examples shown in this display section..

Stand without
over-header frame

stand frame
with over-header

Stand with header
& over-header graphic

Shipping case options:

Hard shipping cases are a great investment when shipping common carrier, and ahead of your event. You also have the option of choosing a case that converts to a podium or counter, thus serving double duty as it becomes a design element for your display.

Hard case/podium
CA600: $275
Graphic for CA600: $247
39″h X 39″w X19″d setup
Shipping size: 40.5X20X19″

Hard nesting case
CA2500: $595

Hard case/podium
CA900: $264
Graphic for CA900: $198
38″h X 27″w X 16″d

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