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ShowFlex Display

The Instant Pop-Out Display

Get your presentation off in a flash! The ShowFlex sets the background and instantly presents your message in less than 60 seconds with fabric graphics attached. ShowFlex graphics are printed on vibrant, dye-sub, wrinkle resistant knit fabric that remains attached to the frame when packed for fast, easy set-up. The display travels as light and compact as an umbrella and is nearly as fast to set up. The display is available in multiple tabletop sizes as well as a big  92X92 inch free-standing floor model

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Warranty: 1 Year Hardware

showflex background display for marketing event

hub with fade for showflex display for promotion eventeasy set-up and portable showflex display for
easy set-up and portable showflex display for promotional eventshowflex display closed easy portableshowflex closed umbrella, portable and easy set up

ShowFlex With Graphics And Tote case
Quantity28"WX28" or 32”wX21h or 21wX3238"wX38h or 45”wX30h or 30wX4548"wX48" or 38”wX57h or 57wX3870"wX46h or 60”wX60h or 70”wX46108WX72"h or 92”wX92”h or 72”wX108”h
1-10$321$431$525$787$1,312 / hard case
11-25$311$414$510$760$1,269 / hard case
26+$305$409$495$747$1,246 / hard case


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