Purchase or Rent a Trade Show Display?

Depends on your objectives and budget. Generally if you are testing the water and plan to exhibit only one or two times per year, then renting makes sense. If you are planning more than one exhibit per year and plan to exhibit in years going forward, consider buying.

Note: Avoid a rental from the event or trade show management company. Your image may suffer from lack of imagination, lack of impact, and “failure to communicate.”

The Eyekon Group provides custom or portable displays for rent or purchase.

Eyekon Group Trade Show Booth

Custom Trade Show Display rentals are flexible in that you can continue a look from show to show or year to year but you can alter the shape and update only the graphics as required without the major investment in a custom built display.

Functional Trade Show Rental Display

As these two views (above and right) illustrate, a rental doesn’t have to sacrifice design, lighting effects and functionality to be cost effective and effective in selling your brand.

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Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibit

A custom rental can be a cost-effective Strategy.

Double Decker Trade Show Booth with VIP Presentation area

The Double decker, with an upstairs conference or private VIP presentation area, illustrates the flexibility of a custom rental. The double decker may not be needed for a different show but the basic graphics can be used for a different one-level display without having invested in the upper deck.

Purchase Tradeshow Maketing Display

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