Retractable Banners Stands

The Less Is More Strategy

The trade show retractable banner stand is a simple, efficient solution to portability and message delivery. The retractable banner stand should not be confused with a “fixed” banner holder. The fixed, non-retractable version is not as versatile, is more prone to damage and requires a larger floor footprint.

Retractable Banner stands are effective enough to serve as your major display or can be carried along as a “plan B” backup to your larger display in case there is a logistical snafu and your “A-game” display is delayed or lost. Peace of mind can be priceless. The retractable banner stand can function as a free-standing graphic promo sign or as a component to a larger display by using multiple stands to form a larger background graphic to your exhibit space, in effect, becoming your display. In this configuration, the banner stands can form the simple back wall for a 10 or 20-foot display. The Key to an effective retractable banner stand “back wall” is to avoid your background looking like 3 or 4 different banner stands, so, do not try to combine banner stands containing non-congruous messages. The impression you present will not be good. Do design your graphic as a single image graphic as if it were one large print using the same message principles as described under “Developing Your Message” (more on this below).

Retractable banners can serve as lobby displays, company information space within the facility, and event support between trade shows.

Note: Retractable banner stands come in various levels of quality. Refer to our Eyekon Presentation Products section for our recommendations for best quality and best economy. 

The higher quality retractable will provide longer service, a more substantial image for your brand, and more convenience in the form of interchangeable graphic image cartridges. The cheapest one may not make it to the first application as it could lose tension, become droopy, curl and generally give a bad impression of your product and company.

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Trade Show Retractable Banners

Two or more retractable banners make a simple back wall for your show or event. Plan graphic as if it will not be broken into sections so the break between banners will not be a distraction.

Retractable Banners Tradeshow Display

Retractable Banners can reduce your event setup time if used behind a frame system such as our OutRigger Shelf system. (See Shelf Display accessories in our Eyekon Display products section). The graphics are protected by its self-contained base.

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