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The Pop-Up Display Updated

The Pop-up display is a more complex structure but is still simple to set up and is a more substantial platform than a banner stand. While remaining light and portable, the pop-up can accommodate more sophisticated lighting options, both external and internal. Shelving and a moderate amount of hardware such as digital video signage, and lightweight hangers for products such as clothing and apparel are also options.

The basic pop-up features roll-up polycarb or fold-up fabric graphic panels for compact transport and simple setup.

A recent trend using compact lighting is the internally lit pop-up for high impact message delivery. The big, bright “light box” can’t be ignored. However, this “pillowcase” fabric graphic application limits the shelving and hanging hardware that can be used on the pop-up frame.

Pop-up frames have been around for some years, but the advent of fabric skin has added new versatility and economy to pop-ups. Custom dimensioned pop-ups make custom portables a practical option for modular construction.

Note: The Montage pop-up variation offers a simpler platform, which is extremely versatile in that smaller fabric graphic panel sections can be changed out between events to customize your message to fit the theme of the event, without changing the entire fabric graphic. (See our Eyekon Display Products section)

The backlit pop-up and the Montage pop-up take advantage of the fabric graphic for increased portability, versatility and economy.

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Montage trade show display

The Pop-up trade show display has been a versatile option for several years and can be produced with a customized look as above, sans the custom price. They provide modest savings in shipping and storage.

Eyekon OutRigger Trade Show Display

The Montage pop-up display offers the most versatility among pop-up displays because the stretch fabric panels can be more easily updated for each event without changing the entire graphic. Internal shelving and dramatic internal lighting can be added.

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