The LED Trend in Lighting – More Versatile and More Necessary

Lighting Can Make or Break Your Exhibit

No matter how bold and innovative your product, and no matter how bright and bold are your graphics, if they are recessed in the shadows and overpowered by the lights of other exhibits, your message will be lost and your investment wasted.

LED lighting has become more pervasive and has nearly replaced the older, hot burning element lamps and spots. LED is lighter, more rugged, uses less energy and is more dynamic for more dramatic lighting effects. LED lights can easily be controlled for color changes, wall washing, and animation.  Because they are cooler operating, they are considerably safer.

LED lights combined with fabric architecture, have opened new possibilities for bright, can’t-be-ignored display structures; externally lit as well as internally lit.

light box perspective

Backlighting brings lifelike detail to this environment. LED internal lighting was used in these modular frame walls.

LED Lights Tradeshow Display

Lights Bring Drama to your Display!


LED Lights Tradeshow Exhibit

LED Lights facilitate Versatile, creative, and controllable light
applications to displays of every type.

Eyekon Tube Frame Systems

Compact lighting components, primarily compact fluorescents and LEDs give internally lit pop-ups a bright presence that stands out from the crowd.

LED Lights Tradeshow Display

Lights Get You Noticed!

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