Grab Them by the Eyeballs With a Video Presentation!

A video presentation is not only a magnet for your exhibit space but it always delivers a mistake-free pitch that never forgets the important, unique selling points (USP) of your product or service. It always presents your message in the best light and never gets tired. It can be as dramatic as you want and can deliver the mood you want to create. However, a video pitch (or infomercial) can’t replace your booth staff who should follow up and engage your prospect face-to-face to answer questions and gain the personalized information to narrow your sales pitch to fit the prospect’s specific needs.

Generally, a small screen video presentation (14 to 32″) is used to deliver factual information to your prospects after they enter your display space. A larger screen or multiple screens combined into a video wall is used to deliver your message with high-impact drama to move and motivate prospects into your display space. Such presentations not only deliver a bold message, but the impact is remembered and retained longer after the show.

Digital signage and interactive kiosks are gaining favor much the same way social media is making a soft-sell pitch to the market. By creating an interesting, inviting environment, your prospects will be more receptive to your message.

These elements will not replace your event staff but will greatly aid your staff by presenting a consistent, effective and informative sales message.

Tradeshow Display

Grab some eyeballs with motion and compelling content. A video pitch has become more affordable with equipment rental and adds credibility and impact to your message.

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