Fabric Architecture- Why Smart Event Marketing Experts Love Fabric Architecture

No matter if you’re an Eco-activist or an Economical manager, or both, fabric architecture makes earth-friendly sense, but more so, fabric architecture makes economic sense. Fabric Architecture is the fabrication process of forming a metal skeleton in the shape of a product, animal or wall and wrapping it in a skin of printed fabric graphics.

Benefits of Fabric Trade Show Displays

Fabric display construction has become a dominant influence in recent years for a number of reasons. Chief among them is tighter budgets and the requirement for more economic efficiency. Aluminum framing and fabric skin means lighter weight, which translates into less shipping costs, faster setup, faster dismantling, and more compact storage requirements to provide a more  efficient exhibit marketing process. Graphics printed on fabric can be bigger, brighter and bolder. Graphics can be changed easily and inexpensively to fit the theme of a show. Increasingly, smart CEO’s are realizing the benefits of fabric construction. Fabric doesn’t use a lot of resources, is recyclable and fabric graphics leave a small, earth-friendly footprint.

Fabric Makes Your Trade Show Display Easily Portable

Fabric works well for portable displays and is a perfect medium for larger custom trade show and event exhibits. Fabric architecture and fabric graphics save at every stage of your project, including construction, set up, dismantle and storage. Most importantly, fabric graphics provide big, bold, larger-than-life images. When a fabric graphic skin is stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame, the result is a very compact, lightweight package for economy in shipping and setup. We can bend the skeleton design to nearly any shape to convey your product or theme and the fabric skin takes on the shape of the design.

Light Weight Portable Trade Show Display

Portable Displays become more portable as illustrated by this tensioned fabric over a lightweight tube frame.

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Fabric Trade Show Display

Fabric display construction has become a dominant influence in recent years. This fabrication process facilities shapes not previously practical.

Trade Show Fabric Display

Fabric graphics can be big and bold, while saving money at every stage, and, fabric architecture leaves a very small, eco-friendly footprint.

Fabric Trade Show Architecture Display

Fabric Architecture makes large structures more affordable to construct while saving on shipping and setup costs. Note the giant red modular fabric exhibit with the 10-ft portable display positioned outside the larger exhibit for additional messaging.

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