Ultralight Tension Fabric Tube Frame Systems

Portables Become More Portable with the Advent of Fabric Graphics and Lighter Frames

A more recent option for portables is the round tube aluminum frame used as a skeleton for pillowcase fabric graphics. Most of the tube frames are even lighter than a pop-up with fewer parts to assemble but again provide fewer showcase options.

Note: A popular solution to shelving is our OutRigger, snap up frame system used as a portable adjunct to portable displays as well as custom displays. (See our Eyekon Portable Display Products section)

Tensioned Fabric Tube Frame Systems Trade Show Display

While Tensioned fabric tube frame systems offer little product or video mounting access, any display can add our Eyekon OutRigger video/workstations to provide support video signage, light boxes, or product shelving. See our Eyekon Presentation Products section. The unit shown above illustrates the Eyekon OutRigger kiosks for mounting video displays.

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Tube Frame Systems Trade Show Display

Tube Frame Systems offer a lot of graphic communication area for a modest price. Tension Tube Frame displays depend on tensioned fabric “pillowcased” over the frame. It is a very simple, easy assembly system.

Tube Frame Trade Show Display

Tube Frame displays collapse down to a very compact, easy transport package but offer minimal shelf and product support accessories, however, Eyekon Display OutRigger shelving systems can be added to any tensioned Fabric system. Many displays require a very tight, snug fit to hold the strength and shape of the unit, as shown above.

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