A Portable Display Shouldn’t
Look Like a Portable Display

Portable and modular systems have become so customizable that they can be used as adjunct elements to blend into a larger display structure. This is an important consideration when you want your display to grow with you, thereby minimizing your long term investment for trade show marketing. As indicated above, fabric graphics lend themselves to small and large frame structures. Even fully custom displays can be constructed for compact shipping and added cost-savings.

Portable displays can be combined to meet your need for a large event. A large custom look can be created by using smaller portable components to create a custom hybrid. The advantage is that the display can be used for your largest events and then broken down for smaller events. You can also adopt this tactic using rental displays. As your company grows, you can use your existing display, and purchase or rent new portable elements to complement the existing display you previously purchased. This assumes you purchase or rent a portable compatible in appearance to your previous one. This is something to keep in mind when planning future growth. Note: The Eyekon Group can provide the portable or custom display additions to give you display space a new look. The things that make our portables different are the custom options you can add to create a display that exactly fits your needs.

Hybrid displays generally combine the ease of setup, shipping and storage with the economy of a portable. You can rent or purchase an Eyekon hybrid display as a standalone or to expand and add to your existing display property.

Our Design Team can combine portable display systems with our custom designed elements to provide a totally custom look that gives you a distinctive presence and saves you money.

Trade Show Hybrid Pop-up Display

Hybrid pop-up displays, banner stand back walls and portable forum showcases create this custom look. (see our Eyekon Display products section on this site or call an associate at Eyekon Group for a custom quote.)

Trade Show Portable Display

A portable display shouldn’t look like one. Portable elements can become the focus component of your exhibit or can provide support graphics as separate elements.

Hybrid Portable Trade Show Display

Portable Displays can serve as displays for smaller events and adjuncts to your larger display format.

Portable Trade Show Display

Portable Profile Extrusion and banner stands turn standard display components into a 20-foot inline custom display. The display’s shipping containers, above and below, convert to pedestal counters.

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