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With its compact shape and streamlined design, this retractable display fits in most environments. The Expand MediaScreen 1 is equipped with a fold-able support foot to ensure stability.

The telescopic pole makes it easy to adjust the height of your image and a spotlight is available to illuminate your message.

Includes tension adjustment tab

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Expandable Media Screen Light

EMS Connector

Screen-to-Screen Connector


Roll Up Displays

The EMS1 is available in three sizes, adjustable up to multiple heights to 88" high with telescopic pole. Three of the 39" wide units or two of the 59" units can be placed side by side to make a 10' wide back-wall. Two 59" wide units are shown above with optional pedestal and literature holder. For a taller back-wall see the Quick Screen XL shown in this section of retractable banner stands.

Hardware & Print
KIT EMS1Expand Media Screen 1 With Printw33 7/16" x h63" - 88 5/8"$440
KIT2 EMS1Expand Media Screen 1 With Printw39 3/8" x h63" - 88 5/8"$590
KIT4 EMS1Expand Media Screen 1 With Printw59 1/16" x h63" - 88 5/8"$897
Accessories for Expand MediaScreen 1
4043443-80Connector for EMS 1 To join screens side by side$18
KIT 60087Expand PodiumBox Grey, Print & Wooden Top (fits 8pcs. 33 7/16" EQS)38 1/4" x 22" x 15"$694
KIT 60088Expand PodiumBox Grey, Print & Wooden Top (fits 8pcs. 39 3/8" EQS)44 1/2" x 22" x 15"$720
RC33606Round shipping case (fits 1 EQS 33.5" wide)d6" x w34" $110
RC33607Round shipping case (fits 2 EQS 33.5" wide)d9" x w34"$115
RC33609Round shipping case (fits 1 EQS 39.5" wide)d6" x w41"$128
RC33609Round shipping case (fits 2 EQS 39.5" wide)d9" x w41"$135
RC35657Round Case w/ Wheels (holds 2 59" EMS1 units)d9 3/8" x w64"$240
L3-BLA-50USExpand MediaScreen 1 Spotlight w/ hard case50 Watt (US Standard)$126

Expand PodiumBox

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