Sp Tennis Display



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Montage Fabric Pop-Up Display (More Ideas One)

Ideas on Display

Change your Market,
change your mind,
change your message.
Using one frame,
change your graphics
on the fly!

More Ideas One 3x4 Frame

3X4 FRAME (10 ft/11 ft w)

More Ideas 3x3 Frame

3X3 FRAME (8ft wide)

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More Ideas 3x2 Frame

2X3 FRAME (5.3ft wide)



More Ideas 1x3 Frame

1X3 FRAME (3 ft wide)


More Ideas One 2x2 Frame

2X2 FRAME table top (5ft)


* Note: frame width indicated for floorspace layout and frame may vary with configuration


When designing your Montage graphics consider the background and foreground images to block out distractions behind your display. Background panel, with or without an image provides a 3-D effect.

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Ideas On Display

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