Graphically Speaking, Refuse To Be Ignored – Be Disruptive!

Graphically, bigger is better, but you don’t have to be the biggest to be the most “disruptive.” Being “disruptive” doesn’t mean breaking the rules. It means presenting your message in a disruptive, high-impact way. Your headline, company name and brief text should be accompanied by a high-impact graphic image supporting and illustrating your product or service. Use one or more high-impact photos or rendered graphics to support your headline. This will require an experienced designer. If you do not have professional photos produced by your company you may be able to get images from an industry supplier or from a stock photo library. This is an important link in the chain of events that leads to a successful show. A source for this important graphic is your ad agency, freelance designer or the Eyekon Group.
Your headline (hook) should be followed by very brief text explaining how the UPS will be executed to benefit the prospective client. This message should tie in with your headline or “Hook”. Your text can’t tell your story and it should not. Attendees will not stand and read a lot of sales copy. This is the job of your booth staff.

Trade Show Eyekon OutRigger Functional Display

This exhibitor refused to be ignored, graphically speaking. Our custom OutRigger pedestals on the left add functionality for props, literature distribution, lead and note collecting without obstructing the high-impact graphics.

OutRigger Shelf System Trade Show Display

Graphically, this display illustrates that sometimes less is more. Elegant graphics printed on our retractable banner stands behind our OutRigger shelf system.

Trade Show Bold Graphics Typography

Bold graphics in a 10′ space can pack a big punch!

OutRigger Trade Show Marketing Display

First you have to stop them before you can sell them! A simple display can have stopping power and can be functional. This display uses our OutRigger system for shelving while our retractable banner stands are the medium for the graphic message.

Industry Specific Trade Show Design and Marketing Graphics Display

Bigger is better but as this display illustrates arresting graphics can have stopping power when directed at an industry-specific audience.

Trade Show Marketing Graphics

Strong Graphics can help make your point and invite conversation.

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