Logistics For Custom Trade Show Displays

The restrictions on custom crates are more nebulous and less restrictive but, because your investment is much greater in a fully custom display, important considerations need to be made in advance. Generally for custom displays, your shipping crates will be planned after your design is fabricated. Larger display components may need to break down for shipping, to be assembled at the show. Most displays ship in crates in the 4’x4’x8′ range, but since the crates will be shipped by trailer truck or van line the crates can usually be large enough to accommodate large display components. This is a consideration because the more complete your display can be, the less assembly will be required at the show and the less time and labor will be required.

Although there are fewer restrictions on crate size, you should make sure that the crates (or equipment pallets) will fit thru the doors of the show venue. Your destination might also require that your delivery vehicle have a rear lift gate to unload if the venue doesn’t have a dock. These considerations do not come into play if you are shipping to a major show venue or the show’s pre-show warehouse. These things can be determined with a call to the venue management.

Note: The above considerations are why fabric architecture has become a major trend, i.e., less

Logistics Tradeshow Maketing DisplaySpecifying lightweight materials that are less subject to damage is a good tactic because it not only simplifies packing and shipping, but it also reduces costs. But, regardless of materials, make sure you advise the carrier if your exhibit property requires special handling, which may dictate special packaging.

Hard Wall Trade Show Displays

“Hard wall” displays have also become more economical for shipping as well with the advent of extruded, modular aluminum frames which can be reused and which have reduced shipping costs compared to wood and laminate construction of yesterday. Fabric graphics may be combined with modular frames for even greater savings in production and shipping.

Creating Big Trade Show Displays

Large Format Fabric Architecture makes Big Displays practical and has significantly reduced shipping and setup costs. Large images and shapes not possible until recently has become a major trend.

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