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Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor

Expand MediaScreen 2 – (EMS2) 

The world’s first, outdoor,
portable retractable display.

Double sided for maximum exposure.This display is equipped with support feet and a flexible support pole that guarantees stability even in strong winds. It is manufactured from very high quality materials to resist wear and tear by weather and wind and can be used on almost any surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and asphalt. It is the perfect tool for all kinds of outdoor events or anywhere you need to bring your message. Sets up in minutes. Includes two easy to carry bags. The Expand MediaScreen 2 outdoor has a patent pending.

Expand MediaScreen 2 OUTDOOR
2-Sided (EMS - 2 OUT)
KIT1 EMS2 MediaScreen 2 w/ 2 Prints w33 7/16” x h78 3/4” $940
KIT2 EMS2 MediaScreen 2 w/ 2 Printsw33 7/16” x h86 5/8” $970
KIT3 EMS2 MediaScreen 2 w/ 2 Prints w39 3/8” x h78 3/4”$998
KIT4 EMS2 MediaScreen 2 w/ 2 Prints w39 3/8” x h86 5/8” $1,047
Accessories for Expand MediaScreen 2-Sided Outdoor
A3Snow and Soil Stakes (4 Pieces) 1 Foot$15
RC34056Round Shipping Case w/ Wheels w15" x 49" - Fits 1 EMS 2$168

Warranty: 5 yr Hardware

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