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The LinkWall carries our “Best Quality Option” designation and we provide no “Best Budget” option because we have found no comparable system.The things that distinguish the LinkWall from other banner displays are design capabilities and the clean, uninterrupted panel seams can be butted side by side. Flexible radius corner connectors facilitate configurations with variable curves for design and configuration changes to fit nearly any event requirement, without changing graphics. When graphic changes are needed, new panels can be printed with little regard to hardware needs. The LinkWall is more versatile than other modular displays due to its’ compact portability, which requries minimal hardware support and maximum graphic surface area. The LinkWall is a patented system with a combination of only three panel widths. One main, printed graphic panel with two options for printed flexible curve, connector panels. Available in two nominal heights of 8 Ft and 10 Ft with optional spotlights. These three panel widths allow you to combine panels for nearly any configuration and size venue application.


Expand Linkwall

The LinkWall provides the ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of your event space. Simply change the shape by bending it to fit your location. The size is changed by adding or removing panels.

Expandable LinkWall Banner Stand

LinkWall is available in two functional heights (with optional spotlights) 8 ft and 10 ft

Shape and Reshape!

Shape and Reshape!

Lightweight Aluminum Components

Lightweight Aluminum Components The base of the Expand LinkWall has a swing out chrome foot and elegant stable foundation to your mural system. The vertical pole simply twists together and is inserted into the top of the base. All of this can be done in minutes without tools.

Perfectly straight walls

Connect as many Expand LinkWall base units together as you like to createt a perfectly straight wall. The patented leveling system ensures your display will be straight even on an uneven floor. Straight wall can also be single or double-sided. Optional end panels were used here for a clean, three-dimensional look.

It is the perfect investment since you can use it in different ways for each event. The designs above and below are all made from the same display.

Banner Wall Display

Expand LinkWall Panel Configurations

Flexible LinkWall

The versatile system uses one base size, one panel width and two connecting panel widths to create a multitude of display configurations using the same display elements. All panels can be used to connect a perfectly straight wallor curved wall. Base and panel units can be used separately as free-standing banner stand displays or combined for a back wall display. Panels are available in 8′ high or 10′ heights.

LinkWall System

17 to 25FT Link – U

Expandable LinkWall Eyekon Group

17 to 30Ft Crescent Link

Pack it in a bag…

In our bag you can pack 2 Expand LinkWall base units and 1 flexible panel as well as spotlights. You can also fit an
extra flexible panel if you would like to pack a larger configuration into several bags.


Expand PodiumCase

The Expand PodiumCase holds 3 Expand LinkWall base units, 2 flexible links and spotlights. There is enough additional room for the table top, inner shelves and graphic wrap for the counter.

Trade Show PodiumTransport-Trade-Show-BannerIn one Expand PodiumCase you can pack: Three Expand LinkWall units & two flexible linking graphics 23 5/8″ or 10 5/8″. You can also fit three spotlights, wooden top and the inner shelves for the counter.

Weight: 72.75 lbs. Weight including three spotlights, wooden top and the inner shelves: 98 lbs.

Hardware & Print Expand LinkWall combinations

For Quick configuration estimates

Choose 8ft or 10ft high Banner Walls:

KIT ELW90220-GP LinkWall Base w/(1) Graphic w35.5″ x h86.5″ $788
KIT ELW90290-GP LinkWall Base w/(1) Graphic w35.5″ X h114″ $996

Graphic Panels for Expand LinkWall

For Backside of double sided configurations
or to change display graphics (used w/above base)

GP40690220-S Graphic Panel w/profiles w/35.5″ x h86.5″ $445
GP40690290-S Graphic Panel w/profiles w/35.5″ x h114″ $589
GP40690220-S Flexible Link Panel w/profiles w/23.5″ x h86.5″ $304
GP40660290-S Flexible Link Panel w/profiles w/23.5″ x h114″ $405
GP40627220-S Flexible Link Panel w/profiles w/10.5″ x h86 5/8″ $188
GP40627290-S Flexible Link Panel w/profiles w/10.5″ x h114″ $225
GP40612220-S ELW End Cap for double sided h86.5″ $112
GP40612290-S ELW End Cap for double sided h114″ $165
GP40612220-X ELW Hinged End Cap for single sided h86.5″ $112
GP40612290-X ELW Hinged End Cap for single sided h114″ $130

Accessories for Expand LinkWall

L6-BLA-LEDUS LED Spotlight $270
A24 ELW MonitorHolder-Max Weight 8.8lbs $95
B70 ELW Nylon Bag holds graphic panels $245


PCF-5-GRY PodiumCase, holds 1-3 base & panels $555

Large, Hard Top & Shelf Conversion Kits

Hardware only (large top, shelving, skirt, mounting kit)
PC-OPEN-CNV-PA1-OAK TopConversion Kit $568
PC-OPEN-CNV-PA1-XXX TopConversion Kit $711
Replace XXX with ALU, BLA, or WHI
ALU=Aluminum Top, BLA=Black Top, or WHI=White Top

Graphics Application Package

(Large top, shelving, skirt, mountain kit and print)
PC-OPEN-CNV-PA1-OAK-GP Top Conversion Kit $768
with Graphic Wrap
PC-OPEN-CNV-PA1-XXX-GP BPC Open Top Conversion Kit $910
with Graphic Wrap.
Replace XXX with ALU, BLA, or WHI
ALU=Aluminum Top, BLA=Black Top, or WHI=White Top


Hard Top Kit

Graphic Oak Top

Graphic Aluminum Top

Choose 8ft or 10ft high panels. Add 25% to these prices for 10ft high Panels


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