Reserving Your Exhibit Space –

Location, Location, Location?

No matter how good your message is, if visitors can’t find you, your message and money is lost. When reserving your exhibit, remember that your location is important. Conventional wisdom says that you want to be located near the center of the exhibit hall so that no matter which way traffic flows, you will be exposed to attendees who start their walk from the left side of the exhibit hall or from the right. But, unlike real estate, your exhibit location is not an overriding factor as most attendees walk the entire exhibit hall. The most important factor is how effective your exhibit is at attracting your target market. But when reserving your space, Avoid:

  • Dead end isles. Unlike a roach motel, attendees won’t even go in.
  • Spaces near food concession area as the area can become congested and distract attention from your message
  • Exhibit hall support columns and walls that visually separate you from the main show floor
  • Last minute aisles added to accommodate added exhibitors. (Unless show management can convince you this will be an effective traffic route.)
    Note: It’s Ok to be near competition if you feel secure in showing the advantages of your product over the competition.

Time/Money saving Tactic:

Continue with Eyekon’s 30-minute information Crash Course seminar and call Eyekon Group to help you develop and execute your trade show marketing plan. If you have developed your plan and just need assistance in developing your message, your display, your graphics, your logistics, and/or show supervision, give Eyekon Group a call.

Reserving Trade Show Floor Space

When reserving your space, there are some sections on the show floor to be avoided.

Trade Show Aisle

Location is important, but the overriding factor is your exhibit presentation since most attendees walk the entire show.

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