Trade Show Lead Generation

You will need a badge scanner, or at a minimum, have a fill-in form to capture visitor information. If necessary prepare and customize this form before you depart for the show. A pre-show planning meeting is a good time to design this form. You will want to develop a routing and tracking process – either computerized, or at least, a ledger to track your leads. If available from show management, take advantage of the shows lead capture system. Collect business cards and make personalized notes on your personal data form. To capture sales you must capture good data that further qualifies the prospect to make sure the sales team gets the complete profile in order to make the most of their sales time pursuing “good” leads. Always execute a lead follow-up report that ensures deadlines are met. An office administrator would be helpful in maintaining this report.

Follow-Up Immediately

Get leads to field sales or home office staff immediately. If possible, email them daily for sales people to start prepping follow-up literature and custom messaging to be delivered to prospects collected at the show. Make sure leads contain sufficient information, i.e., contact name, position, specific interest expressed by the prospect. Develop solutions to be delivered by your sales team.

As part of the follow-up process after the show, you or your office staff can follow up immediately via email to acknowledge prospects visit to your booth. Email can be personalized with a reference to the prospect’s in-booth comments. This would be the beginning of a line of communications between you and the prospect. If you plan to send product literature or a letter / sale sheet, do so immediately to keep your company fresh in the mind of the prospect. A follow-up phone call should be made within a week of your follow-up contact. This process should be documented along with assigned dates on your pre-show and post-show schedule.

Post-Show’s Analysis

Learn from your show experience. Do a self-analysis of your show performance and create a results report.

  • D you meet your goals?
  • Did you generate interest and leads?
  • Did you execute your message delivery at the show?
  • how is the quality of prospects and leads?
  • What changes are needed for your next show?
  • What positive things were achieved to support your sales goals?
  • Projected show spend versus budget

Note: Your ROI might not be immediate, which is why your leads must be followed up immediately and over a several months.

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Plan how to collect Trade Show Sales Leads

Before departing for the show, plan and arrange your method of collecting leads at the show.

Trade Show Follow Up

Fresh leads are like fresh fish, they can become stale after a few days. A prospect can lose interest and decide on another vendor from the show who followed up promptly.

Tradeshow Market Reserch

While it is fresh in your mind, make notes of your experiences and impressions from the show. Post-show analysis of your results and the data you gather can be helpful information for the next show.

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