Truss for Custom Displays

Truss space beams provide an industrial look for custom applications. Truss comes in various weights and strength. Most truss is engineered and built to be load bearing. As a load bearing structure, truss can support heavier video monitors, speakers, ceiling panels, lighting and extensive graphics. Truss can form a support bridge to rise above the crowd while supporting down lighting and suspending products or giant video panels to attract attention from across the exhibit venue.

Considering its custom design versatility, truss is a very good rental option because fabric graphics, light box panels, special effects projectors, and hardware can be mounted at minimal expense compared to custom built structures using traditional construction materials such as wood and laminates.

Custom Truss System Trade Show Display

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Truss Space Beam Tradeshow Display

A Truss Space beam is a medium that simplifies design while giving an industrial look. It can simplify component mounting and provide a load-bearing function as above. While not normally used for smaller space displays, it can provide an industrial, cosmetic look and provide support for larger video, shelf or product mounting, as shown below.

Truss System Trade Show Display

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