Extruded Frame Systems Simplify Custom Configurations

Extruded aluminum frame systems have made custom design a more straight forward process and by extension, more affordable. Because the stronger, extruded aluminum frame systems are practically indestructible, the internal support frame for your exhibit can be reused over and over with new face panels or fabric skin. Extruded aluminum frame systems have become more cost-effective and versatile than lumber and laminate. It should be noted that the traditional wood and laminate construction still fills a niche for fully custom exhibit construction. But just as portable displays have advanced beyond the bulky structures of year’s past, modular construction has advanced to become fused with portables.

A major feature of many portables is the no-tools setup factor. For the more sophisticated, extruded aluminum frame systems, a minimum amount of tools and minimum skill may be required.

Setting Up Trade Show Frame System

You don’t outgrow modular frames because they can be purchased and updated year after year or you can rent the frame and focus on your graphic and functional treatments each year. In addition to accommodating multiple surface materials, the system can be internally lighted or wired for video presentations. By applying sound absorbing materials behind fabric graphics, sections of your space can be isolated from much of the background noise.

Tradeshow Presentation

Designing with Modular Frame extrusion doesn’t have to sacrifice dramatic impact as illustrated by this traffic-stopping exhibit.

Extruded Frame Systems Trade Show Display

Lightweight extruded profile has made sophisticated custom construction a cost effective alternative to traditional wood and laminate casework. This construction is eco-friendly by virtue of its’ use of recyclable and reusable materials.

Extruded Frame System Tradeshow Display

The extrusion shown here (B62) can accommodate internal wiring and a variety of materials including rigid face panels and fabric graphic skins.

Extrustion Frame Configuration Diagram for Trade Show Display

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