Custom Trade Show Display Exhibits

Inspiration to Innovation to Integration to Installation

Custom Exhibits provide the opportunity to totally infuse your brand in the manner you choose, unhampered by the constraints of an existing, off-the-shelf display structure. Imagination can run wild and is limited only by the creative talent and skill of your exhibit house. Custom exhibits often require a larger, more dominate space; 20 or 30-foot in-line isle space or larger island space, but not always. A small display can dominate a show if it is disruptive in its design, graphics, and message delivery.

Custom Theme Exhibits & Graphics
Make You More Memorable

Theme exhibits usually require an increased level of design and fabrication, often meaning a custom design is needed, however, a theme can also be created by application of creative graphic panels and fabric skin graphics printed to a modular or portable display. A large printed fabric graphic can be applied to a portable frame system to represent a large architectural environment such as an entrance to a department store, thus, creating the theme of the product’s retail environment. A theme tied to the target market or to your product and service can make your company more memorable long after the show. Eyekon Group can develop your display structure as well as your theme graphics for a portable, modular or custom display using your company images, your vendor images or we will source stock images around which to build your theme graphics.

Custom Scenic Trade Show Exhibits

A totally custom scenic environment can be created using a rental modular frame system. (Contact an Eyekon Group associate to discuss your custom needs.)

Extruded Frame Systems

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Custom Exhibits are limited only by the imagination, creative talent, and craftsmanship of your exhibit house.

Trade Show Fabric Architecture

The advent of fabric architecture and modular frame profile systems provide the option to rent custom theme displays designed to fit your product or

Custom Trade Show Design

An innovative, disruptive design can make the most of a small exhibit space and leave a memorable impression on your target market.

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