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Cases & Countertops

Our Shipping Cases can be transformed into a counter or portable bar.
Use these cases as a presentation podium and display your image on the front. When you are finished, place your displays and accessories in the case and wheel it away. Perfect for transporting most pop-up displays, Expand MediaFabric and most of our retractable and non-retractable displays.

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A super spacious counter created from 2 transport cases.
This spacious counter is perfect for presentations, product demos or food and beverage sampling at events. It also works great as a portable bar.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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Open the two cases and add a large table top, a graphic on the front and shelves on the inside and your counter is ready! In minutes, you can create large space for welcoming your customers and provide a storage space for brochures or products. When your event is finished, pack up everything in the two transport boxes. The Expand XL PodiumCase will easily transport most of our products. In only a few minutes you can convert two transport cases into a huge presentation space.
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Open Dimensions
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Depth: 41 3/4″ (106 cm)
Width: 85 13/16″ (218 cm)
Expand Podium Case Folded and Unfolded
Table top
The black wooden tops are two separate pieces and they are designed to be locked together once installed. They come in two heavily padded bags for extra protection. This large surface turns into a great space to welcome your customers, demo products or offer samples.
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Detachable shelves
Eight detachable shelves are available as an accessory for your Expand PodiumCase XL. The shelves are perfect for storage of brochures, demo products, drinks etc.
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Show a video or presentation
With our monitor holder, your flat screen is easily attached to the table top (place it in the back part for maximum stability). This monitor mount can be used in many locations on the wooden top of the Expand XL PodiumCase. This is a perfect way to add digital signage to your event. Maximum weight of monitor/flat screen: 15.4 lbs. (7 kg)
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Transport boxes
The Expand PodiumCase XL gives you two transport boxes – equipped with wheels and handles for easy transport and handling. It is a perfect transport box for, Expand MediaWall, Expand MediaFabric, Expand LinkWall, other products.


Hardware Only
KIT-PC3-DBL-BLA Expand PodiumCase $1,984
w/Double-Wide Black Top, Shelves, Skirting, and Mounting Kit

Graphic Only
GP PC-DBL-OPEN-S Graphic Wrap for Double-Wide Case $425
w129 15/16” x h33 7/16” Visible area on the front is w109 15/16” x h33 7/16”

Hardware & Print Image
KIT-PC3-DBL-BLA-GP Expand PodiumCase $2373
w/Double-Wide Black Top, Shelves, Skirting, and w129 15/16”x h33 7/16 Graphic Wrap.

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