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Cases & Countertops
Our Shipping Cases can be transformed into a counter or portable bar
Use these cases as a presentation podium and display your image on the front. When you are finished, place your displays and accessories in the case and wheel it away. Perfect for transporting most pop-up displays, Expand MediaFabric and most of our retractable and non-retractable displays.

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A shipping case that can be turned into a spacious presentation counter.
To create the counter, just open the box and put on the wooden top. The counter provides a large surface to gather around at your event. Inside, there are detachable shelves to hold your brochures, demo products and anything else you would like to keep out of sight.
Use the front of the counter for extra exposure

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

  • Equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Detachable shelves to hold literature or other items you would like to keep out of sight
  • The suitcase style makes it easier and safer to load than traditional ‘barrel’ style transport boxes.

In only a few minutes, you can convert one transport
case into a large presentation space.

Expand PodiumCase can both be used open as a counter and closed as a podium.
Expand PodiumCase – Open:
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Width: 48 13/16″ (124 cm)
Depth: 23 5/8″ (60 cm)
Expand PodiumCase – Closed:
Height: 38 9/16″ (98 cm)
Width: 28 3/4″ (73 cm)
Depth: 17 11/16″ (45 cm)
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Detachable Shelves
Four detachable shelves are available as an optional accessory. Perfect for storage of brochures, drinks or
anything you want to keep out of sight. The shelves are grey and come in a nylon bag.
Maximum weight limit (evenly distributed) for each shelf is 22 lbs. (10 kg.)
Expand Podium Case Shelf Expand Podium Case Behind View
Table Top
Wooden tops are available in Oak, Birch, Aluminium, Black and White for both the small (closed configuration) or
the large (open configuration).
(Podium tops for open configuration shown at right
Expand Podium Case Shelf Options
Expand Podium Case Single Shelf
Create a Kiosk
The Expand Header kit easily attaches to the table top of the Expand PodiumCase. This accessory is perfect for
in-store sampling or as a temporary information desk.
The telescopic poles enable an adjustable height up to 97 inches tall. The graphic panel for the header should
preferably be printed with a thin non-curl print material. The graphic is fastened to the top and bottom
profiles with Velcro. The Expand Header comes in a bag and weighs only 4.5 lbs.
Expand Podium Case Multiple Options
Show a movie or a presentation
With our monitor holder, your flat screen is easily attached to the table top (place it in the back part for
maximum stability). This monitor mount can be used on both open and closed Expand PodiumCase. This is a perfect
way to add digital signage to your event
Expand Podium Case Display HolderExpand Podium Case with Display
Make your next event an interactive one
This stable Tablet Holder provides an easy way to incorporate a movie, video presentation, app showcase, or
create a registration center effortlessly with traditional printed media.

  • Holder fits a variety of standard sized tablets (Does not fit with “mini” versions)
  • Use as a freestanding tablet holder or with the separate counter top mounting attachment
  • Integrates with pop-up displays, backdrops, and free standing fabric frames

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Hardware Only

EPC PC3-GRY Expand PodiumCase $337
(empty – for Popup & banner displays)
Hardware & Print Image Size
KIT-PC3-ALU-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Aluminum Top, $891
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-OAK-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Oak Top, $846
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-BIR-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Birch Top, $846
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
KIT-PC3-BLA-GP Expand PodiumCase w/ Large Black Top, $891
Shelves, Skirting, w68 7/8” x h33 7/16” Print, & Mounting Kit
Accessories for Expand PodiumCase
A22 MonitorHolder – 75/100 VESA Max Weight: 15.4lbs $125
A36 EPC Tablet Holder $150
BR1 Expand BrochurePocket – 2 pack Fits Letter size $129.00
Header Kits (to create Kiosk)
KIT1 PA8 Kiosk hardware and Laminated Graphic w48 1/2″ x h20″ $333
KIT2 PA8 Kiosk Hardware and Fabric Graphic w48 1/2″ x h20″ $342
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