Banner Stand Walls

Expand MediaScreen XL – (EMS XL)

An extra wide, extra tall retractable display.

You can easily combine several Expand MediaScreen XL to create a large backdrop, using Expand’s patented magnetic connectors located on the sides of the top profile.

  • Extra wide – 39 3/8″ & 47 1/4″ (1 and 1.2 m)
  • Extra tall – height up to 118 1/8″(3 m)
  • Create a large backdrop by joining two or more displays together (with magnets on the sides of the top profile)
  • As easy to set up as our traditional retractable displays

Expandable Banner Pole


Retractable Banner Stand

Create a 16 feed wide by 10 feet high mural with four banner display.

*Join Multiple displays with our patented magnetic solution.
Banner Stand Set-up
Banner Stand Wall Display

Standing Banner Display

Use multiple banner displays at your event to quickly change the environment.

MediaScreen XL Banner Wall Hardware & Print
KIT1 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w47" x h78"$708.00
KIT2 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w47" x h86"$767.00
KIT3 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w47" x h98" $815.00
KIT4 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w47" x h118"$893.00
KIT5 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w39" x h86"$653.00
KIT6 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w39" x h98"$735.00
KIT7 EMS XLMediaScreen XL w/ Print w39" x h118"$798.00
Accessories for Expand MediaScreen XL
KIT 60088Podium Box Grey, Print & Wooden Top (holds up to 5 EMS XL - 39) w69" x h34" $720.00
Kit-PC3-ALU-GPPodium Case w/ Large Aluminum Top$891.00
Kit-PC3-OAK-GPPodium Case w/ Large Oak Top w69" x h34" $846.00
Kit-PC3-BLA-GPPodium Case w/ Large Black Top w69" x h34" $891.00
(The above 3 cases include shelves, skirting, graphic print, mounting kit)
RC33608Round shipping case w6" x d41" fits 1 EMS XL$195.00
RC43099Round Case with Wheels w11' x 54" fits 2 EMS XL$189.00
BR1Expand Brochure Pocket - 2 pack Fits Lettersize Media$85.00

A large Backdrop in MinutesThe Expand Media Screen XL is quick and easy to set up. The Patented magnetic connectors allow you to join several displays wiht a simple click. Three of these retractable displays (39 3/8″ wide) will create mural that will fit into 10 foot wide space and can reach up to 10 feet high. Four (47″ wide) creates a mural 16 feet wide.

Spotlight, Transport Case, Expand Brochure Pocket

Trade Show Banner Stand

10ft wide; 8ft high

Trade Show Banner Display

*16ft wide, 10ft high

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