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By H. Glenn Godfrey, CEO, Eyekon Group, LLC During all the years I worked trade shows, there was always one or two exhibitors whose message was seared into my mind, and the message traveled back home with me, forcing me to follow up for more information or to purchase. These were the disruptive companies who stood out from the crowd. This is the kind of company we want to send to a trade show as our client. Being disruptive doesn’t mean breaking the rules, often it just means breaking tradition. Even the most traditional company wants to be remembered, to be branded as cutting edge, to break the mold. You can’t achieve this by being visually and graphically conservative. You’ve got to be disruptive. We want our exhibitors to break the mold, to be the company that travels home in the mind of the trade show attendee.

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How to Show Off & Not Just Show Up.

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  • Why Exhibit?
  • Planning Your Event
  • Best Practices – Pre-Show, at Show & Post Show

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