Getting You to the Trade Show

Logistics is more than reserving your show space, making travel plans, and scheduling delivery of your display property to the show. “Getting you there” means connecting all the links that make up the chain of events leading to a successful exhibit marketing campaign. “Getting you there” means successfully executing an integrated program that gives you the best chance for success and a good ROI.

Things to consider: The experience of your carrier in trade show deliveries. Timing for the arrival of your display at the show. If you are not delivering your display yourself, you need to determine if you want your display delivered to the official trade show service warehouse or to an independent contractor, or directly to the show. If to the show, get a time frame from the show management for the best time to schedule your carrier’s arrival in order to avoid chargeable dead time in the marshaling yard which is adjacent to the trade show venue. This information could be part of the services ordering process prior to the date of the show, preferably, a good length of time before the show. Last minute decisions are expensive.


For Portable Displays

Actually getting to the show requires some advance planning and is an aspect that should be considered when planning the size of your display and the display case or crate. Many portable displays are compact enough to travel to the show with you. Obviously, if you drive to the show you can carry exhibit material in your vehicle, but an SUV or van is recommended because even the most portable display will crowd a standard size auto. If you are flying, many portables are small enough to travel with you as excess baggage. Check with your carrier well in advance. UPS and FedEx are dependable carriers but you will need to ship to a dependable reception partner on the other end of the shipment. Most large hotels will receive your UPS or FedEx shipment and hold it at your hotel.

UPS and FedEx limit your shipping weight to a total of not more than 150 lbs. Size is limited to 165″ in girth (inches around shipping case) plus length of shipping case. For example, a display case that measures 116″ around, plus 48 inches long would be a total of 164 inches, therefore, would ship within the standards of UPS and FedEx, assuming the case weighs less than 150 lbs. These specifications are subject to change so you should check with your local shipping office.

Often portables are combined to form a larger display. If you have multiple portable cases or a portable case is just over the limit of FedEx, we recommend that multiple portable units not be shipped in separate shipping cases, but instead, they should be combined into a single crate and treated as if it were a custom display, and shipped via common carrier truck line, i.e., if your personal vehicle is not large enough to accommodate the case or the distance to the show makes it impractical for you to drive.

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Trade Show Logistics to connect your company to the trade show

Connecting your company with the floor show is a critical link to successful trade show marketing. Make sure you select the best logistical options.

Trade Show Display Shipping

Consider the unique nature of your display and its’ shipping to make sure you select an experienced carrier; i.e., is your display or your company exhibit materials susceptible to humidity, shaking, heat or cold. Deal with an experienced carrier and advise him of any potential issue that requires special handling. This is critical if you are shipping custom exhibit materials.

Event Displays Shipping Carriers

Fed-Ex and UPS are the primary carriers of small event displays and are very dependable. (Side note: This Fed-Ex truck prop, which we produced using our proprietary fabric architecture, illustrates the practical application of fabric construction. For more information see our Best-of-the Best display products section of this website).

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